Escape to Aethos Ericeira: Your Ultimate Honeymoon Retreat

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In a nutshell

Destination: Aethos Ericeira

location: Ericeira, Portugal

travel time: December 23

Introduction – Welcome to Aethos Ericeira

Nestled along the picturesque coast of Ericeira, Aethos Ericeira welcomes you to a world of romance and adventure. Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of waves, with the love of your life by your side. This intimate boutique hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience, a memory in the making.

What makes Aethos Ericeira truly special is its enchanting surroundings. With the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop, you’ll find yourself surrounded by pristine beaches, rugged cliffs, and the charm of a traditional Portuguese fishing village. It’s a destination that inspires love and awe in equal measure.

Your Dream Honeymoon Suite: Aethos Ericeira’s Accommodation Delights

When we made the decision to visit this charming hotel, we were presented with a selection of room options. After careful consideration, we opted for the Ocean Suite, and what an exceptional choice it turned out to be.

The attention to detail at Aethos Ericeira was remarkable. The rooms were immaculately clean, and the decor exuded a blend of modern elegance and coastal charm. It felt like every piece of furniture and every fixture was carefully chosen to create a soothing and stylish ambiance.

To sum it up, our stay in the Ocean Suite at Aethos Ericeira was nothing short of a dream come true. The combination of breathtaking ocean views, a private bathtub with a view, and the tasteful room decor made it an experience we’ll forever hold dear. If you’re seeking a romantic and luxurious escape, this is the place to be.

Unwind and Relax: Aethos Ericeira’s Resort Experience

At the Aethos Ericeira Resort, we discovered a delightful haven for our romantic getaway. The heated pool provided a relaxing retreat, even though it didn’t offer an ocean view and the gym had all the essentials for our fitness needs.

The spa’s steam room and sauna were perfect for unwinding, especially considering the tranquil surroundings. Exploring the breathtaking coastal hiking trails proved to be a memorable adventure, and we found the resort’s well-maintained outdoor area to be a lovely place to relax.

Whether we were enjoying the restaurant terrace or our private hotel room terrace, relishing Portuguese wines enhanced the experience. The calming sounds of the Atlantic waves added a serene touch to our stay.

In addition to these amenities, we were delighted to discover that the resort offered e-bikes for guests to use, allowing us to explore the picturesque surroundings with ease. Furthermore, the inviting lobby was a perfect spot to relax, whether it was unwinding in the evening or engaging in a game of chess. These added touches enriched our overall experience and made our stay even more enjoyable.

Culinary Delights at Aethos Ericeira: A Taste of Romance

Our dining experience at Aethos Ericeira’s restaurant was truly delightful. The skilled chefs prepared dishes that celebrated the authentic flavors of Portugal, using locally sourced ingredients. As vegans, we were pleasantly surprised by the effort made to accommodate our dietary preferences.

The breakfast buffet was a pleasant surprise. Although it offered tempting options for non-vegans, we couldn’t resist trying some of the sweet treats because they were so delicious. Notably, the Portuguese custard tarts and the vegan peanut butter bread were highlights. Additionally, they were happy to prepare fresh eggs upon request for those who preferred them. For a special touch, we recommend trying the Avocado Toast or Acai Bowl, both of which were worthwhile. The attentive and helpful staff during breakfast ensured that we had a relaxed and enjoyable start to each day.

We also had the opportunity to dine at the Onda Restaurant multiple times. It’s challenging to single out a particular favorite because everything we sampled was remarkably delicious. The dessert menu was a hit with the kids as they indulged in a variety of sweet treats.

Experience Aethos Ericeira: Where Hospitality Meets Heartfelt Care

Lobby at Aethos Ericeira

Our experience with the team at Aethos Ericeira truly exceeded our expectations. From the moment we arrived, we were met with genuine warmth and personalized service. After a long and tiring journey, it was incredibly comforting to be welcomed so graciously.

Upon our arrival, our weary souls were uplifted as we were greeted with a refreshing welcome drink. The attention and care extended to us, including the kids, were heartwarming. We deeply appreciate such gestures, as the initial impression often leaves a lasting impact.

Throughout our entire stay, we always felt comfortable approaching the staff with any questions or requests. This level of attentiveness and hospitality was consistently maintained, reinforcing the hotel’s well-deserved reputation as a 5-star establishment.

Aethos Ericeira: Your Ultimate Honeymoon Destination in Portugal

Our romantic getaway at Aethos Ericeira Resort was truly exceptional. We enjoyed a relaxing retreat with a heated pool, explored breathtaking coastal trails, and rejuvenated in the spa’s steam room. The resort’s well-maintained outdoor areas, e-bike options and inviting lobby also added to our memorable experience. Whether savoring Portuguese wines on the terrace or listening to the calming Atlantic waves, every moment was special. Aethos Ericeira Resort offered the perfect setting for our romantic escape, earning its reputation as a 5-star destination.