Domes Zeen Chania 5 stars resort for honeymooners

*authentic travel report by traveling_chabas & traveling_c

In a nutshell

Destination: Domes Zeen Chania

location: Crete, Greece

travel time: October 2021

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Introduction / first impressions

Domes Zeen Chania is located in Crete nearby the old town of Chania (approx. 5km by car). One of the two international airports of Crete is only 30min away. The immediate vicinity is quite calm and the resort has a direct connection to its own private beach area.

The moment we parked the car, was the moment where relaxing in luxury surroundings started. Already in front of the main entrance we were welcomed by the friendly staff, who immediately took care of our luggage. A welcome drink was served and we enjoyed the beautiful view on the outdoor terrace of the reception hall the first time. Meanwhile, the front desk officer handled all check-in paperwork.

By stepping into the entrance hall, we relished the good smelling room fragrance. This, combined with calm, relaxing music, left no doubt, that this resort might give us outstanding experiences.

Room / Villa

We had been accompanied to our room – or let’s better talk about our villa. We stayed in the Tropical family bungalow with private pool, which we can recommend 100%. The villa offers sufficient space, even for the whole family. We would like to highlight the breathtaking view right from our bed above the sea. All amenities of a 5 star resort are in place and have a high-quality standard. Characterizing for Domes Zeen Chania a is the exceptional interior design, which provided a pure feeling of happiness and sense of well-being. Simply every detail fits in the villa.

Resort / Outdoor area of Domes Zeen Chania

Domes Zeen Chania a is located on a hillside and spreads more less over four levels. Stair paths in the mid of the resort are connecting the entrance hall on top with the main area at the bottom as well as a serpentine walking path which runs through the levels of the resort. Particularly highlighted should be the tropical vegetation – plenty of banana palm trees and cacti are decorating the resort. We had the feeling of living somewhere in an oasis.

Whoever decides to book a villa without a private pool, can relax perfectly at the main pool. For us, it was also a welcome variety besides having the private pool, especially, when the sun is drifting in the afternoon hours. At the pool area, there were plenty of water toys for our kids as well.

For the sportive ones, Domes Zeen Chania a offers a stylish outdoor gym, located close to the kids club. We were more than happy to find brand new high quality, fitness machines and modern dumbbells area as well. Needless to say, that the outdoor gym is prepared with fresh towels and water for the sweating athletes.


We booked half-board and we‘re really thankful about that. Also in the gastronomy area, the atmosphere was on point. The lighting concept is extraordinary and provides a peaceful and romantic mood. Our journey started with the dinner in the first evening. For the most part, we are nourished vegan. Therefore, we were pleased to find the vegan menu card at Domes Zeen Chania a. Another bonus point is, that we are asked by the check-in procedure beforehand if we have any allergies or things we don’t like to eat. All dishes we tried during our stay tasted excellent, were made out of high-quality and fresh ingredients, made with creativeness.

Starting the morning by enjoying Domes Zeen Chania a breakfast buffet was a real pleasure. Enjoying the first cappuccino of the day in the rising Cretan sun, supported to fill our daily well-being scale.

Family / Honeymoons with kids

Domes Zeen Chania a offers a Kids club with different options for nursery services. We enjoyed the family time at Mittagszeit, where parents and kids are welcome to do handicrafts, jigsaws or just play with the toys. The nursery service is free of costs for kids, older than four. The kids club itself has an outdoor area with its own pool for the little ones.


In a nutshell – absolutely impeccable. Really, every employee of the resort we met, regardless of the front desk officer, gardener, housekeeper, bar tender encountered us with kindness. And we should not only reduce it to the kindness, we had the feeling, that everyone understanding his job as being part of the concept. The whole service of Domes Zeen Chania a is outstanding and one of the best we ever had.

Short summary

Domes Zeen Chania a is one of the best resorts we ever stayed. The modern style, the concept of this hotel, which is visible in every corner provides luxury at the highest level. The first three days, we completely stayed in the resort in order to chill-out. Leaving the hotel on the fourth day for the first time, we were blindsided by the hectic reality. This is one of the biggest compliments we can do to a resort.